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Porter Airlines – Recommended

Porter Airlines

Porter Airlines
Credit: Andrew.O
Creative Commons

I flew to Toronto from Boston on Porter Airlines this week and I had a great experience all around.

Both flights were on a Bombardier Q400.  This is a little turbo-prop plane that can hold 78 passengers.  My flight to Toronto only had 18 people onboard.  Although I am normally hesitant to fly on these little planes, I really have no complaints or regrets about choosing this flight/plane combination.

Bombardier Q400 interior

Bombardier Q400
Credit: Francis Mariani
Creative Commons

Porter has some nice little service perks.  For example, they serve drinks in a real glass instead of cheap plastic cups.  Also there was complimentary wine – though I did not partake.

In addition to the experience of Porter Airlines, the airport experience was also great.  The location of Billy Bishop Airport (code: YTZ) in Toronto is crazy-convenient.  It is situated on a little island a couple hundred feet offshore from the city.  You only have to take a short ferry ride (departs every 15 minutes-ish).  There is a free shuttle bus that takes you from the airport to Union Station in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Billy Bishop Airport

Billy Bishop Airport
credit: s.yume
Creative Commons

The only airlines that I noticed that service this airport are Porter and Air Canada – though there might be others.  The international waiting area was very nice.

Billy Bishop waiting area

Billy Bishop waiting area
credit: Christopher S. Penn
Creative Commons

The main waiting area consists of groups of partitioned off sitting areas.  Each area has six arm chairs, coffee tables and reading lamps – very nice.  There is even a business centre containing two rows of Apple iMac computers (here is an image of one row).  I’ll get more images next time.

Billy Bishop business centre iMacs

Billy Bishop business centre iMac
Credit: Eduardo Sanchez

Another plus about this airport: no naked-body scanner!

If you are flying into Toronto I highly recommend Billy Bishop Airport.


I’m back.

After being absent from the blog world for many years I am giving it another go.

The purpose of this site is admittedly very selfish: remind me of all of the things I do/see/read/watch/experience. Although I welcome the world to read this blog, its primary purpose is to serve as my public brain.

That said, I hope you enjoy my musings and I welcome you to give me your feedback.