Pecha Kucha

I had to create a Pecha Kucha for a class. If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s a brief presentation with the following limitations:

  • 20 slides
  • 20 seconds per slide

This limits presentations to just under 7 minutes. It keeps people on topic and allows multiple presentations to be packed into a very short time. Typically a few pecha kuchas are presented live and then the group divides up to flock around the presenter that they are most interested in – a question and answer session follows.

In our case, we made our pecha kuchas to be viewed online. This gave us practice using software tools to make our content viewable on the web.

My professor directed us to use Microsoft PowerPoint and Screencast-o-matic to create them. I am trying to use free software when possible, so I used this project as an excuse to flex some free software applications. Here are the app’s I used:

  • LibreOffice Impress – This free software version equivalent of PowerPoint was very easy to use. This was only my second time using Impress. It won’t be my last!
  • Kazam – This lightweight screen capture program is used to grab screencasts or screenshots. It was super easy to use and produced nice 1920×1080 screencast at 15 frames per second.
  • Audacity – I have used this application many times for recording voice-overs. I really like how quickly I can get good results with this app. I did have to take an hour-long class on to get up to speed on this app when I started using it. Since then it has been smooth sailing.
  • Kdenlive – This is a video processing app that I used to combine the presentation and the voice-over clips. This app was pure joy to use. I didn’t have to look anything up since it worked just like the iMovie app that I used to use when I was using OS X.
  • Pixabay – Ok, this is not an app. Rather, it is a website that points you to many public domain images that you can use in your presentations.

All in all, my experience making this project really left me feeling good about using free software. All of the applications that I used worked very solidly and were relatively simple to use.

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