ISO/RTO Training Working Group 2017

I spoke at the 2017 ISO/RTO Training Working Group meeting at the Southwest Power Pool in beautiful Little Rock, Arkansas today.

Here are some of the things I mentioned:

Books & Papers


  • Safari Online Books – OMG I love this site! It satisfies my need for nerdy computer books and nerdy instructional design books including the books I list above. They have every ATD book here and also have tons of instructional videos. Look for the $199/year special around Black Friday.
  • Coursera’s Learning How to Learn – This course from professors Barbara Oakley and Terry Sejnovsky have really good information about getting better at learning complicated things. While in some places the materials violate some of the guidance from Clark & Mayer (see books above), I can forgive it because the information is so good.
  • Dr. Chuck’s Python for Everyone – This video course has some really nice instruction on programming. Be sure to watch his explanation of conditional execution (even if you don’t know or care) to see some expert explanations.
  • Pixabay – Public domain photographs and vector drawings. This is a good place to go for copyright-free images for your training materials.
  • Lorem Ipsum – Use this when you need filler words to demonstrate a layout but you don’t want reviewers to get hung up on the content (spoiler alert! They ALWAYS get hung-up on the content!!!).
  • eLearning Brothers Cutout People – This site has some good cutout people that you can use as on-screen coaches. They also have some great templates for all of the major elearning authoring tools.


  • Zotero – This is my go-to application for knowledge management. I use it to store research papers during my literature reviews. It automagically creates bibliographies in whatever format your school requires using a plug-in for Microsoft Word or LibreOffice (free software office suite – I used it for my slides).

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