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Ting: a positive mobile experience

My wife and have had iPhone since they first came out. These are expensive phones …too expensive when phone and data plans cost so much. After our Sprint contracts on our iPhone 4S phones was over I searched for and found a plan that saved us a ton of money: Ting.

Ting is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that provides cell phone service riding on top of the T-Mobile and Sprint cell phone networks. Ting only charges you for what you use in the categories of data, phone, and text messages. Ting charges each category separately.

Our first full month on Ting was December, 2013. Before switching to Ting our Sprint bill for two iPhones was $143 per month. Since we shifted to Ting, our monthly bills have averaged $65 – less than half of what we paid to Sprint.

ting dashboard

Screenshot of the ting dashboard with price breakdown by category (image: Eduardo Sanchez CC-BY-NC)

Ting is not the only MVNO out there. Search around and you can find multiple MVNOs on the major carriers.

I highly recommend Ting. You can move your unlocked Sprint or T-Mobile phone over to Ting or you can buy a new phone to use on the Ting network. Break free of unnecessary contracts and switch to an MVNO like Ting.